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CyMIRA is a detailed classification of genes involved in cytonuclear interactions in Arabidopsis thaliana. CyMIRA integrates existing subcellular localization, cytonuclear pathways/complexes, and structural data to formulate a consistent annotation of cytonuclear genes for use in genomic studies of cytonuclear coevolution in plants.

This website can be used to download the CyMIRA database, search for individual genes, or filter by different criteria. For more information please visit our CyMIRA GitHub repository and see our paper in Genome Biology and Evolution: Forsythe ES, Sharbrough J, Havird JC, Warren JM, Sloan DB. 2019. CyMIRA: The Cytonuclear Molecular Interactions Reference for Arabidopsis. Genome Biology and Evolution. 11: 2194–2202.

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